About us

A Message From the Founders

Our success has been built upon the trust we receive from our clients, for us this is the most important aspect of our work. Once entrusted with your product, we view ourselves not only as your warehouse and distributor, but an extension of your business.

​Fundamentally, it is about how you see us fitting in with your brand. We are confident in our ability to provide the best service available, but we would love to invite you to find out for yourselves. Whether it’s getting to know us better, or visiting the warehouse to look at our operation, get in touch and we can help grow your business together.


Why Choose Us

At Airbox we provide a comprehensive service from manufacturers to your customer’s doors. Whether it is sourcing production, freight forwarding and customs clearance or just e-commerce and retail fulfilment, our complete in-house service takes care of your products journey.

Our ability and expertise to encompass these services under one roof makes us unique in the industry and we are proud that this translates to increased efficiency for our brands that work with us.

Our driving motivation is to add value to our clients beyond the traditional role of a fulfilment house. We see it as our responsibility to take care of the complete logistics process and the back-end of your business. As part of this, we also offer services beyond fulfilment and provide full Customer Service and after care support for your online business.

Our expertise in this industry is a shared experience with our clients and we provide advice and consultancy to best create the platform for your brand to grow. Whether your brand is big or small, we will ensure that at Airbox you will have all the ingredients to succeed.

  • 589,000+Successful Deliveries
  • 20+Clients
  • 99.6%+ Accuracy

How We Work

At Airbox we understand the time and stress involved when organising the logistics of a business. The growing pressure of providing a seamless distribution of your products can often distract a brand from what they should really be concentrating on.

Airbox is here to help.

Having peace of mind that your stock and delivery is being professionally taken care of is an invaluable asset that gives you more time to successfully grow your brand.

We have developed our own bespoke processes within the warehouse which centre around brand affinity. It is important for us to share the same ethos and ambition as our clients and to achieve synergy with the warehouse and the brand.

Like other fulfilment houses it is easy to say that our automated scanning systems provide near perfect stock and pick accuracy, but it is our embodiment of your brand identity that allows for the care and attention to detail to go beyond our competitors. It is this extra margin that we pride ourselves on, to share the journey of growth together as part of an extension of your business.